Monday, 9 April 2012

Enthusiastic Feedback after the WSEAS International Courses

After the Enthustic Feedback from Prof. Noor Ainy Harish, see  after the WSEAS International Courses
We are getting now a new very posive and enthusiastic Feedback along with new nice photos

From: Ali Madankan <>

Thank you for a great time in Greece! I miss you and i realy want to
repeat our meeting (but by my family). because i have a good time
I hope we countinue our collaboration in future and I am your host in Iran.
i am sorry for delay in contact with you! (because our new year
vacation (Iranian new year) continued till 3 Apr and we were in
teravel and after that i was busy by my Remaining tasks.)
I attached 2 pictures for you. In one of them you can see my dauther
in Iranian historical capital (Takht-e-Jamshid) by over than 2500
years old!

Ali Madankan
Head of Technology Incubator
University of Zabol

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