Wednesday, 4 April 2012

ARC / ERA is not an Index. Contact them directly. ARC / ERA has nothing to do with indexing and classifying conferences.

Our Colleague is Romania replied again. We explained again that
ARC / ERA had a WSEAS conference title in the past because this conference has an eminent paper of some dinstinguished Australian Scholar.

This was the reason,  ARC exists only to index works of dinstinguished Australian Scholars
ARC / ERA has nothing to do with indexing and classifying conferences.

Check immediately the web sites of Elsevier, IEEE, Springer etc... In any of these sites the ARC or ERA is not mentioned as INDEX. WSEAS services contacted them several times by Phone and Email. All the times we got the same answer by them "ARC/ERA is not an Index". It is only a resource for dinstinguished Australian Researchers. So, maybe, in one WSEAS conference, one dinstinguised Australian Researcher particpated with a high-quality paper. We encourage you to contact ARC / ERA directly . They will reply you the same. Many Thanks for informing us for this strange situation of Romanian Academic System. Please, forward our reply to anybody

On the other hand, WSEAS is very proud participating in the real indices: ISI, ACM, SCOPUS, IET (IEE), ASM, ACS, CSA, ELSEVIER , ZENTRALBLATT, MATHSCINET, DPP,EI, CSBA, Ulrigh, DEST, EBSCO, EMBASE, GEOBASE, BIOBASE, BIOTECHNOBASE and many others. Check them
Please, check them in these indices web sites

Check also them by Google:  Arc Indexing or Arc Index /  Era Indexing, Era Index
if you find something, please inform WSEAS

Thank you for informing us and thank you for maintainig the WSEAS high publication standards

Nikos Mastorakis

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